• Khaing Zin Thet

Weed is bad for you, isn’t it?

Updated: Apr 7

This is the question that comes to a lot of people’s minds as soon as they think about cannabis. And that’s what I thought to myself before I had the right information. There are a number of reasons why people ask this question with one of the main reasons coming from the stigma around cannabis (talking about it, consuming it, and so on). For years since THC and its ‘high’ effects were first discovered, a lot of strict regulations and policies were created around the sale, possession and consumption of cannabis and over time, the stigma around marijuana was formed (For a quick history of cannabis, read our previous post).

But is weed really bad for you? Sometimes when your friend tells you it’s not or when you do an internet search for a quick answer, you may not be entirely convinced, I get it. In this post, I want to provide information that I’ve found through peer-reviewed research papers and other medical journals so you can trust that this information has been validated. There is a plethora of research done on cannabis from different angles including age and other demographics, various medical conditions and purposes, looking at short and long-term effects on pretty much every single organ in your body, separately or together. However, here are some highlights and summary points. If you are curious for more information, you can dig through the sources I’ve provided here.

First things first: How does marijuana make you feel?

Consuming cannabis can:

  • Increase perception of smell, taste, sound, color and other sensations

  • Make you feel happy and relaxed

  • Alter perception of time and space, often making you think that you are experiencing profound ideas or insights

  • Increase the appetite

(If you are curious about trying it out the first time, read our post on