• Khaing Zin Thet

How Weed or Marijuana is Made?

You have probably seen pictures of big green leaves (like the one below) as weed or marijuana. If you are someone who thinks marijuana is a very dangerous drug, here’s the thing: marijuana is just a plant. If you want to know if marijuana is bad for you, we’ve published a post about “Weed is bad for you, isn’t it?”

So, how is the plant cultivated to get the THC that goes into various types of marijuana products?

Cannabis (weed) plants can be grown outdoors in places with long hours of daylight (either on natural soil or in pots) or indoors with artificial light. They can start either as stems cut from their mother plants or as seeds. It is said that seeds are harder to ensure consistent quality. If it is cut, in a way it is cloned so the quality consistency is guaranteed. These plants stem from two species, indica and sativa, and you’ve probably heard these terms before. Generally speaking, indica THC gives you more of a relaxed high and sativa THC gives you a more upbeat high. And then, there’s hybrid THC as well.