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All about munchy

We believe that one day, cannabis will be a common household commodity.

Consumers should be able to enjoy cannabis products and explore experiences like hiking, meditating or even simply watching a movie.

We should be able to talk about and share these experiences without judgment.

Meet The Team

We are two young professional women passionate about destigmatizing adult use of cannabis and advocating for social equity in the industry.

Today, canna-thusiasts like ourselves are only able to share experiences with a limited group of people. We rarely share our cannabis stories openly on social media risking our boss or grandma seeing them. Not having a convenient and respectful community outlet, canna-thusiasts are left “high and dry” to experiment on their own. 

Through munchy, we hope to change this narrative by helping cannabis enthusiasts share their diverse experiences and personal stories, and together build a judgment-free community.


Khaing Zin Thet

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Linh Nguyen

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