High There!

If you are reading this, you likely got our flyer around Smorgasburg LA (Row DTLA).

Thank you, truly!

This is us





co-founders of munchy
flyer handers
grad students
pitch their company to everyone
"Everyday I'm hustlin' - Rick Ross" - us

We are munchy, an early stage start-up based in LA!

munchy is like Airbnb Experiences but for cannabis..

west coast, best coast

what's the equivalent of 'tipsy'?

.. because we like to get high or 'lifty' and do a bunch of different things from going out to dinners, spa day with friends, meditation, or dancing our hearts out.

But sometimes it can feel a little awkward not knowing what others think.

We want to create a space where you can enjoy these experiences safely and comfortably, and have a quality time with quality people!

Good news is we have EVENTS for you. This is our first summer series!

So, check us out! Bring friends!

the stigma is real..

we are pilot testing

we are currently a smol team of 2 people!

Because if you show up, we can grow and curate even better, cooler & wider variety of events.


If you don't see what you like, tell us your wishes below so we can make it happen.

Also, any feedback is appreciated

Send us any suggestions or moral support!

(Just don't send mean things, ok?)

Not yet, just take my email for now:

Thanks! You da best.

We so appreciate you!