Budtenders' Happier Hour

Venice, California


Experience hosted by Khaing & Linh

Thursday, July 29, 2021, 5:00 PM – 9:30 PM PDT

30 max; canna-enthusiasts and above

Recommended items: yoga mat, towel, BYOMJ

Private venue


FREE Event just for you!

What You Will Do

Hey Budtenders!


You are the glue holding the canna-community together and we are throwing a little party to celebrate YOU, the true makers & shakers of the industry!

Join us for a free yoga class and game night, hang out with fellow budtenders, and rewind after your long day of hard work!

Evening Details:

  • 5:30 - 6:30pm: Free, donation-based 'Light up, Get down' high yoga led by Natalie Pulvino 

    • This session will focus on deep breath work, stretching, and meditation to unite our mind, body, and spirit. As our awareness and interconnectedness are heightened post cannabis consumption, we will tune into how each muscle feels and the rhythm of your inhales and exhales while working on relieving those sore and tired muscles. Class will begin and end with a guided meditation to help facilitate your journey of personal discovery and growth.

    • No prior yoga experience needed.

    • Note: Only 10 spots available so first 10 to RSVP get them.

  • 6:30 - 9:30pm: Social hours with drinks, snacks, music and elevated games (think Never Had I Ever, Fishbowl, or Jenga but so much more fun when you are 'lifty'). 


This event is FREE so tell your buds! Come one, come all!

What to Bring

  • ​A yoga mat

  • A towel

  • A water bottle

  • BYOMJ, your favorite flowers/cannabis products, and any 420 accessories you'd like to show off!

Meet Your munchy Hosts, Khaing & Linh

I mean, why the heck are we throwing this get-together?

As cannabis enthusiasts, we founded munchy to meet fellow canna-thusiasts like yourself and build a judgment-free community. We love gathering with friends over a jay (or whichever medium floats your boat), share laughters and scrumptious munchy snacks, and have a quality time.

On top of being first-time entrepreneurs, we are also new-comers to LA (west coast, best coast!). So we just want to get to know this community a little better and what better way to meet new friends than over an evening full of puffs and great vibes!


I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness for over ten years, and began my teaching journey
in Boulder, Colorado in 2016.

When I was 17, my yoga practice became my sanctuary. It was a space where I felt calm, grounded, clear, and connected with myself and my community. It didn’t matter how old I was, how I was doing in school, what I wanted to do with my life, or any other worries that plague teenagers. I belonged on my mat, next to the sweaty 40-something year old a foot away. I found beauty in the fact that we all had something to learn and gain from one another’s’ presence in class — we all had magic to share.

A few years of consistent practice led me to my first teacher training, when I felt called to deepen my experience and share the benefits of yoga with my friends and loved ones.

Throughout the four months, I found community, connection, passion, and purpose in myself. I also realized that I was experiencing profound mental and emotional benefits from my practice. I, like so many of us nowadays, experience chronic anxiety, and I began to see how much more centered, focused, and at peace with myself I felt after practicing yoga.

Now, yoga and meditation have become pillars in my health, wellbeing, and overall happiness. It is my joy and pleasure to share these practices throughout my community, and to spread more ease, love, thoughtfulness, and presence in the lives around me. 

Meet Your munchy Yoga Instructor, Natalie


Where We Will Meet

Exact location will be shared upon RSVP confirmation.